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St. Petersburg Trucking Accident Attorneys

If you have been in an accident with a big rig, you are facing an extremely challenging legal fight. Trucking companies have a strong incentive to fight aggressively as defendants. They also have insurance companies equally motivated. Both the trucking companies and their insurers have teams of attorneys working for them to obtain swift victory against any type of accident claim. It is no easy task to obtain adequate compensation in a truck accident claim.

With the aggressive defense approach taken by the trucking companies and their insurance carriers, the only way to get adequate compensation if you’ve been hit by a truck is to work with an equally experienced, equally aggressive team of attorneys: Phillips, Hayden & Labbee, LLP.

At Phillips, Hayden & Labbee, LLP, we take trucking accident claims seriously. Our lawyers have a wealth of experience and knowledge in representing clients who have been injured in 18-wheeler accidents. We take a hands-on, high-tech approach to case preparation, and we are always ready to fight for our clients’ interests in negotiation or in the courtroom.

How We Win

There are a few hallmarks to our winning strategy in truck accident cases:

  • Trial preparation: We are trial lawyers, not a “settlement-mill.” In every case we take on, we prepare the case for trial from the start. Our preparation means that there are no surprises, and we know what our clients’ cases are worth. Our trial experience helps us fight it out in the courtroom to get our clients the compensation they need.
  • A high-tech approach: We employ the latest technology in research, communications and trial preparation. This approach not only streamlines our processes, but it also helps us with things like effective presentations for jurors at trial and accident reconstruction.
  • Tenacity: One of the most important aspects to this type of litigation is to never be intimidated by the trucking companies, their insurers or their lawyers. We know how to stand up to them and fight for you to the end.

We focus on getting the best outcome possible. By preparing well for trial, we are often able to get acceptable settlement offers from the other side. When that doesn’t happen, we are ready to fight it out in the courtroom.

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Whatever it takes, we will fight to get you the compensation you need after a serious trucking accident. Call us today at (727) 888-PAIN or contact us online.

We offer free consultations to discuss your case.