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From Negotiations To Court, We Handle Civil Litigation Cases

When things cannot be solved outside of court, a judge becomes necessary. Civil litigation cases require an experienced eye. Phillips, Hayden & Labbee, LLP, has worked with clients throughout Florida when they needed a strong advocate. We can examine your case, discuss your options and come up with a plan to move forward.

Understanding Your Objectives To Help You Move Forward

Civil litigation cases come in all shapes and sizes. Specifically, we can help with appellate, business and real estate matters. For example, when it comes to appellate cases, we offer a fresh set of eyes with a new perspective. We have handled cases in all five Florida District Courts of Appeal, the Florida Supreme Court and the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals. We also can help negotiate a proposed settlement offer. Use this experience to your advantage.

When it comes to business litigation, we understand how difficult these cases can be. We take the time needed to understand your business goals and objectives. Then, we can come up with a plan that appropriately addresses your concerns. We handle real estate matters in a similar fashion. From contract and fraud claims to construction litigation, our attorneys are committed to representing your best interests.

To Discuss Your Options, Call Today

Together we have over 30 years of combined experience serving Florida individuals and businesses. Add in our use of technology, including virtual consultations, and our understanding of the law, and you can rest assured your voice will be heard. Call our office in St. Petersburg to schedule a consultation at (727) 300-1399 today. You can also fill out our online contact form. No matter your location in Florida, we are willing to travel to you.