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Driving tips for senior citizens

On Behalf of | Dec 15, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

South Florida is a great spot for retirees to enjoy their golden years on the links, beachcombing or enjoying all the amenities of condo life. Many senior citizens stay engaged and active well into their 80s.

But if there is one thing that can slow an active senior down, it’s surrendering their driver’s license because of age or infirmity. Those who want to retain their driving privileges may be interested in the following tips from the Mayo Clinic for safer driving for senior citizens.

Take a driving course designed for older drivers

Not only can these courses refresh your skills and bring you up-to-date on safety features in newer vehicles, but many auto insurance companies also offer discounts for drivers who complete the courses.

Be physically active

Both flexibility and strength are improved in physically active seniors. Leading too sedentary a lifestyle is bad for your health in general and also your driving skills.

Be aware of how medications affect driving performance

Make sure your doctor or pharmacist informs you how each medication can affect your driving so that you don’t jeopardize yourself or others behind the wheel.

Get your hearing and vision checked

As we age, our sight and hearing diminish. Not wearing the correct lenses in your glasses or lacking a hearing aid could cause you not to hear a siren or train or remain unaware of road hazards. Also, some older motorists who do fine when driving during daylight hours have trouble seeing at night. You may want to limit the times that you drive.

Were you injured in a collision by an at-fault senior driver?

Since there is no mandatory age limit for drivers to turn in their licenses, some older motorists continue to operate their motor vehicles long past the age where they can safely do so. If you were injured in an auto accident caused by another driver, you may need to file a claim for damages to recoup your losses.