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Drinking and boating is common, yet dangerous and illegal

On Behalf of | Sep 6, 2021 | Personal Injury

If you spend a day on the water, it may feel like everyone has a beer in their hand. People often view this as a casual time for relaxing with friends. Those who would never drive a car with an open container in their hand may do it on a boat. It’s just become part of boating culture. 

However, the first thing to note is that doing this is illegal. Just like drivers, boaters are not allowed to operate their water vessels under the influence, nor are they allowed to actively steer and drive. The fact that it is common does not change the law or the danger this activity can create. 

The high risk of drunk boaters 

There are many problems with boating and drinking, starting with the fact that many boaters already have slower reaction times than they would in a car. Drinking just makes this worse. 

Boaters also tend to have far less experience. Even if they go out on the boat every single weekend, that’s much less often than they drive a car as they commute to work every day. This lack of experience puts them at a disadvantage that is, once again, made worse by alcohol. 

Drinking can also impair rescue efforts and lead to deaths when drunk individuals end up in the water. There are inherent risks to operating a craft on the water, regardless of the depth. Even simple accidents can also turn fatal. 

What if someone injures you while boating?

It is good to know you shouldn’t boat under the influence, but other operators still will. If one of them injures you, then you must know how to seek compensation.