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A poorly maintained car could cause an accident

On Behalf of | Nov 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Some drivers spend hours each week lovingly washing and polishing their car. Others do nothing, driving their vehicle without so much as a glance at the tire pressure until one day it grinds to a halt and is hauled away to the scrap heap.

There are certain checks and maintenance that every driver needs to do. Failing to do so could put people’s lives in danger. Some of the most important things to maintain on a car include its:

  • Tires: Having a good grip on the road allows you to safely go around corners, steer to avoid a collision, and come to a halt in a straight line quicker.  Tires that are worn need to be replaced. Maintaining the correct tire pressures allows them to work better.
  • Brakes: If the brake pads are worn, or the brake fluid is depleted, it affects your ability to stop. Sometimes a few milliseconds difference in braking time could be the difference between having a crash and avoiding one.
  • Lights: Car lights serve two purposes. They allow you to see, and they allow others to see you. Bulbs do burn out occasionally. Wires can come loose. If an indicator is not working, other vehicles cannot tell when you are about to change direction. If the brake lights are not working, drivers behind have no way of knowing they need to slow down.
  • Windscreen and wipers: Cracked or dirty windscreens reduce a driver’s vision. Worn wiper blades will make it harder to see when raining. Wiper fluid needs topping up to ensure a driver can easily clean a dirty screen.

Drivers have a duty to keep their vehicles in a safe state of repair. If a driver who has not maintained their car injures you, you will likely be facing considerable medical expenses and possible time off work. Seek legal help to fight for the compensation you deserve.